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Tuesday night’s Query Roulette event was a great success for the agents, writers, and those of us behind the scenes.  As volunteers for the event, we had a hectic but enjoyable experience, doing everything from sign-in to timekeeping to photography.  More importantly, we had the chance to meet an amazing group of writers and agents, not to mention some of the fabulous ladies of the WNBA.

Below, we take you through the night with a series of photos.  For those of you who weren’t able to join us, here is a snapshot of the night’s events.

Blog Intern Hannah Bennett packaging the gift boxes for our wonderful agents.

Blog Intern Erica Misoshnik running the sign-in station.

The calm before the storm of transitioning between agents!

Agents Brooks Sherman and Meg Thompson working with writers.

Agent Regina Brooks gives advice to a captivated writer.

Agent Jessica Salky provides feedback to an aspiring author.

Agent Anna Olswanger and WNBA-NYC Treasurer Elaine Whitehouse engage in a discussion.

Linda Epstein (Agent and WNBA-NYC Blog Editor) and Lily Barrish (WNBA-NYC VP Programming) pose with representatives of the Serendipity Literary Agency for a photo after the event.

A quick snap of Hannah and Erica mid clean-up.


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We’re so excited to reveal our amazing line up of agents for Query Roulette! Click on the links below for more information on individual agents.

Regina Brooks – Serendipity Literary Agency

Matthew Elblonk – DeFiore and Co. Author Services

Linda Epstein – Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

David Forrer – Inkwell Management

Laura Langlie – Laura Langlie Agency

Anna Olswanger – Liza Dawson Associates

Katherine Sands – Sarah Jane Freymann Lit. Agency

Jesseca Salky – HSG Literary Agency

Brooks Sherman – Fine Print Literary Agency

Meg Thompson – Einstein Thompson Agency

Registration is currently open to members in good standing and will be open to the public on February 16. Click here to register now!

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