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typewriterYour latest manuscript is finally complete. First off – congratulations! Before you move on to hiring a professional editor, take a look at these six tips from HuffPost Books that you can do yourself.

Six Tips for Self-Editing Your Fiction

Kristen Lamb, former editor and author of Rise of the Machines — Human Authors in a Digital World, has this advice for aspiring authors:

“There are many editors who charge by the hour. If they’re spending their time fixing blunders you could’ve easily repaired yourself, you’re burning cash and time. Yet, correct these problems, and editors can more easily get to the meat of your novel. This means you will spend less money and get far higher value.”

What helpful hints would you add to this list? WNBA-ers? Share in the comments.



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quillYou’ve written your book, revised it, had your writing group help with edits, then revised again. Now, you’re ready for the query phase. Before you send out that manuscript, take a look at this HuffPost Books article on knowing whether your book falls into the mainstream or literary fiction category.

Literary And Mainstream Novels: What’s The Difference?

The article, written by the Writer’s Relief staff, highlights the major differences and how knowing these guidelines will strengthen your query letter and marketing strategies.

Do these definitions work for you, WNBA-ers? Too simplified? Or just common knowledge? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Photo Credit: Writer’s Bloq, Inc.

New avenues for writers to get their books into the hands of readers seem to pop up every day. One of those options is a start-up called Writer’s Bloq.  Founded in 2011, Writer’s Bloq advertises itself as a book accelerator and publicity partner for indie authors, acting as agent and publisher. Authors submit their work, Writer’s Bloq then designs and digitally publishes the novel with a guarantee of 500 downloads in 6 months, or the author is free to terminate the contract. Writer’s Bloq book representatives only get paid when authors do.

Could this be the the future of publishing? Have you read any of Writer’s Bloq’s success stories? Do you know any other agencies or small press publishers similar to this one?What do you think, WNBA-ers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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quill and books

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” — George R.R. Martin

Who says reading and television can’t co-exist? HuffPost Books has compiled a fun list of TV’s most well-read characters, from Gilmore Girl’s Rory (339 during the show’s run), to The Wire’s Stringer Bell (check out the size of his home library).  Enjoy their list of 13 Bookish TV Characters.

Feel free to add some of your own in the comments.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClick below for the latest news in the publishing industry.

From  Publishers Weekly: Are Traditional Publishing Seasons Outdated?

Does digital publishing make the traditional publishing seasons obsolete?

Independent Penguin Goes Out on High Note

Strong sales follow Penguin into the Random House merger

Man Booker Prize 2013 Longlist Announced

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction has been honoring British and Irish authors since 1969. This year’s list, notable for its diversity, features many U.S.-based authors.

From The New York Times: Banning The Rolling Stone Cover

Is this a case of censorship or did the popular entertainment magazine go too far?

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free pressHere are some links to a few of the industry’s biggest news stories of the past week:

From Publishers Weekly:
J.K. Rowling’s Pseudonymous Book Hits Number One on Amazon

From Digital Book World:
DOJ Prevails In Ebook Price-Fixing Lawsuit

From The Huffington Post:
Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch Steps Down

Do you have links and news that you want to share for future Bookmark This posts? Email Tqwana at blog@wnba-nyc.org.

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victoryHalf the year is gone. There are less than 6 months until Christmas. And yes, you can already find “Best of” lists for the halfway mark of 2013. Here are a few book related tallies for your enjoyment and debate. While there are no surprises with Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life or Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountain’s Echoed appearing on several lists by editors, the fans at Goodreads seem to feel markedly different in their top choices.

And how do these picks stack up against the list that probably counts the most – the top sellers? Does this show a disconnect between what industry professionals want to publish and what the book-buying public wants to read? The top selling print and e-book doesn’t make any of the above lists. Something to ponder.

As a bonus, plant your tongue firmly in cheek and enjoy Flavorwire’s 10 Truly Horrible Beach Reads List.

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