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The Corner Bookstore


1313 Madison Avenue
6:00 – 8:00pm

first_affair_cover_imageEmma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus read from their latest The First Affair

September 16, 2013

Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus are the New York Times bestselling authors of The Nanny Diaries, Citizen Girl, Dedication, Nanny Returns, and their young adult novels, The Real Real and Over You. They work together in New York City. For more information visit EmmaAndNicola.com.”

Ann Fensterstock reads from her debut Art on the BlockArt-on-the-Block

September 17, 2013

“A fascinating tour of the last five decades of contemporary art in New York City, showing how artists are catalysts of gentrification and how neighborhoods in turn shape their art—with special insights into the work of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, and Jeff Koons.”


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In Conversation: Ruth Ozeki and Carole DeSanti


Wednesday, September 18, 2013
6:00-8:00 pm
Reflections Yoga Studio
250 West 49th St., 2nd floor

We open our program season with a provocative dialogue between two intriguing authors – both WNBA members – with topics ranging from their latest books, their inspirations, and how women authors fare in today’s publishing world.

Ruth Ozeki is the author of the recently Man Booker-nominated A Tale for the Time Being. She is a novelist, filmmaker, and Zen Buddhist priest.  Carole DeSanti is the author of The Unruly Passions of Eugenie R. As an editor at Penguin, she champions independent voices in women’s fiction.

Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP to: programs@wnba-nyc.org

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quillYou’ve written your book, revised it, had your writing group help with edits, then revised again. Now, you’re ready for the query phase. Before you send out that manuscript, take a look at this HuffPost Books article on knowing whether your book falls into the mainstream or literary fiction category.

Literary And Mainstream Novels: What’s The Difference?

The article, written by the Writer’s Relief staff, highlights the major differences and how knowing these guidelines will strengthen your query letter and marketing strategies.

Do these definitions work for you, WNBA-ers? Too simplified? Or just common knowledge? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Photo Credit: Writer’s Bloq, Inc.

New avenues for writers to get their books into the hands of readers seem to pop up every day. One of those options is a start-up called Writer’s Bloq.  Founded in 2011, Writer’s Bloq advertises itself as a book accelerator and publicity partner for indie authors, acting as agent and publisher. Authors submit their work, Writer’s Bloq then designs and digitally publishes the novel with a guarantee of 500 downloads in 6 months, or the author is free to terminate the contract. Writer’s Bloq book representatives only get paid when authors do.

Could this be the the future of publishing? Have you read any of Writer’s Bloq’s success stories? Do you know any other agencies or small press publishers similar to this one?What do you think, WNBA-ers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Here’s a list of author readings taking place at The Corner Bookstore during the month of July:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013: Peter M. Wolf will be reading from his debut memoir My New Orleans, Gone Away

Wednesday, July 17, 2013: David Cleveland will be reading from his novel Love’s Attraction

Thursday, July 18, 2013: Valerie Sayers will be reading from her novel The Powers

Tuesday, July 23, 2013: David Gilbetr will be reading from his novel And Sons

Tuesday, July 30, 2013: Ben Downing will be reading from his novel Queen Bee of Tuscany

All readings will take place at 6:00 – 8:00 PM and are free to the public.

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mcnallyjackson_logoA Crime Fiction Panel

June 11, 2013, 7:00pm
McNally Jackson
52 Prince St.

In celebration of International Crime Month, panelists Jason Pinter (Grove Atlantic), Johnny Temple (Akashic Books), Dennis Johnson (Melville House Press), and Michael Reynolds (Europa Editions) join forces to promote what is arguably one of the most vital and socially significant fiction genres of our time.

International Crime Month is a month-long initiative featuring internationally acclaimed cime fiction authors, editors, critics, and publishers who will appear together in a series of readings, panels, and discussions.

576101_10151101852391346_12724002_nWriters on Writers Literary Series
Barnes and Noble
150 East 86th Street
86th and Lexington Ave.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Algonquin Books is taking part in several programs in conjunction with the Barnes and Noble Writers on Writers literary series. Algonquin’s series features discussions between editors, media personalities, and Algonquin authors that explore a particular theme.

Be sure to check out the remaining events this month:

June 17 – Full Metal Jacket Literature: Robert Olmstead (The Coldest Night) in conversation with Ben Fountain (Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk) on the soldier and how he is irrevocably changed by wartime. Moderated by David Abrams, author of Fobbit. This event will be introduced by Miwa Messer, director of Barnes & Noble’s Discover Great New Writers program.

June 24 – Short Stories: Rebecca Lee (Bobcat and Other Stories), which has been selected as a B & N Discover pick for June, in conversation with Kathy Pories, Senior Editor at Algonquin Books, and Michael Curtis, short story editor at The Atlantic, about the short story genre. This event will be introduced by Miwa Messer, director of Barnes & Noble’s Discover Great New Writers program.

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3 Sepia Headshots 7 4 2011 016Pamela Milam, a member of the New York Chapter of the WNBA, is a reader, author, and therapist living part-time in both Dallas and New York.  Represented by Jim Levine at the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency, her most recent book takes a closer look at what happens inside the therapy office.  You can find her here:  http://asdpublishing.com/our-authors.htm.

Welcome to the WNBA-NYC! How long have you been a member and what motivated you to join the organization?

I’ve been a member of the New York Chapter for about 6 months.  Prior to that, I attempted to join the Dallas Chapter of WNBA and discovered that it no longer existed.  I was motivated to join WNBA-NYC after reading a tweet about Great Group Reads.  Since I split my time between living in Dallas and Hell’s Kitchen, it made sense.

What do you do as a committee member for Great Group Reads?

For the 2013 GGR Selection Committee, what I do more than anything is read.  Our group reads between 20-25 books starting in March, comments about each book in a private blog, and then votes on our favorites in August.  We’re looking for books that are worthy of being known and read by book clubs, the kind of books that generate robust and interesting discussions.  This is my first time participating on the committee, and I’m enjoying every second.

gilam coverTell us about your book Premarital Counseling for Gays & Lesbians:  Case Studies and Helpful Questions. Is this your first published book? What was the publication process like?

I wrote Premarital Counseling for Gays & Lesbians very quickly – worked fast to have it ready in time for the Rainbow Book Fair in New York last year.  In the past, I’ve seen any number of opinion pieces about whether gay people should be allowed to get married and books about the legalities involved, but not many about the relationships themselves – the common problems and issues that arise prior to making a lifelong commitment, along with suggestions for how to communicate more effectively.  In an interview with Kergan Edwards-Stout, Human Rights Campaign 2011 Father of the Year, I discussed the book in greater detail (What to Consider Before Tying the Knot: An LGBT Primer Courtesy of Marriage Counselor Pamela Milam).

It is my first book and the process was so easy that I fear I’ve been spoiled.  My publisher, ASD Publishing, offered so much guidance and individual attention.  I’m impressed by how helpful and capable they have been.

What advice do you have for our members who are trying to get published?

If you have a good idea, write it down and start working on it right away.  I’ve experienced several different sides of the publishing process — self-publishing, working with an indie publisher, and signing with an agent to find a home for my second book (What Your Therapist Really Thinks About You, which is currently under submission) with a traditional publisher.  I’ve enjoyed the learning process in all areas and none of it would have happened without my willingness to notice when I had an interesting idea, move efficiently toward exploring what to do next, and be persistent.

Your work as a therapist is obviously your motivation for writing. How do you decide what topics you want to put into a book?

I look for a gap in the market.  What topic isn’t on the bookshelves that should be?  What kinds of things would I want to read?  What is needed and what is missing?

What future projects are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m freelancing for Rewire Me. I’m a big fan of personal growth and this website is really onto something.

Periodically, you might find me on Huffington Post, like in this article about Counseling Awareness Month. But most of all, I’m in the very beginning stages of talking my mom into co-writing something with me about how families can cope with mental illness.  My mom doesn’t realize it, but she’s an excellent writer with original thoughts and a wealth of knowledge about coping and managing life’s surprises.

What’s your favorite word?

This month, my favorite word is “Yes.”  I worked in a clinic at the beginning of my career, and the owner’s motto was, “Say Yes when you can and say No when you have to.”  It’s good advice for customer service and even better advice for anyone at midlife, realizing that time is finite and there’s still so much to do and experience.

What are you currently reading?

After I finish the tall stack of GGR books on my nightstand, The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud is waiting for me.  Next up, I want to read every play Richard Greenberg has ever written.

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